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CityNet is the largest association of urban stakeholders committed to sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region. Established in 1987 with the support of UNESCAP, UNDP and UN-Habitat, the Network of cities has grown to include 131 municipalities, NGOs, private companies and research centers.

We connect actors, exchange knowledge and build commitment to more sustainable and resilient cities. Through capacity building, city-to-city cooperation and tangible projects, we help our members respond to Climate Change, Disaster, the Sustainable Development Goals and rising Infrastructure demands.

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Our Mission

To connect urban actors and deliver tangible solutions for cities across the Asia Pacific region.

Our Vision


Our Values

  • Connect:  We bring together local governments, civil society, and the private sector to collectively act for more sustainable cities.
  • Exchange: We unite key stakeholders to share knowledge and find innovative solutions for urban challenges.
  • Build: We believe in building a movement for more people-friendly, socially just, ecologically sound, economically productive, culturally vibrant, and globally connected cities.

What We Do

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Our Emblem

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CITYNET was created in response to the needs of growing cities in the Asia Pacific. In 1982 the 1st Regional Congress of Local Authorites for the Development of Human Settlements in the Asia Pacific was held in Yokohama, Japan.

The Yokohama Congress was organized with the sponsorship of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UN-Habitat) and hosted by the City of Yokohama. The Congress stressed the need to build cooperative links between local level governments and urban stakeholders.

CITYNET was officially established in 1987 with the support of UNESCAP, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, the City of Nagoya and 27 members. From that point on CITYNET has maintained its mission to promote cooperative links and partnerships throughout the Asia Pacific in order to improve the sustainability of our cities.

Historical Highlights:
19911982 The 1st Regional Congress of Local Authorites for the Development of Human Settlments in the Asia Pacific is held
1987 CITYNET is established with the support of UNESCAP, UNDP, UN-HABITAT, and 27 members
1989 At the Shanghai Congress , the CITYNET Charter was adopted. UNESCAP undertook the functions of the Secretariat until the official CITYNET Secretariat was established
1992 The CITYNET Secretariat was established with the support of the City of Yokohama
2000 Joint Survey on Urban Poventy Alleviation 1995 CITYNET is granted ECOSOC Status of United Nations and the Bangladesh National chapter is established
1996 Waste water management project in Colombo, Sri, Lanka begins
1998 Sri Lanka National Chapter established
2000 First survey on urban poor conducted
2001 Nepal National Chapter established
2002 UN-HABITAT Scroll of Honour
2003 The Kuala Lumpur Regional Training Centre is established
Seoul Award (6) 2004 Awareness on Environmental Education in Asian Cities (AWAREE) Project established with the support of JICA. (Yokohama, Japan; Hanoi, Vietnam; Phnom Penh,Cambodia, Nanjing, China)
2005 Tsunami Relief Drive
2006 MDGs Cluster formed. Mumbai declared host of the Satellite Office
2007 CITYNET 20th Anniversary. CITYNET & EUROCITIES Sign Agreement. Post-AWAREE Project begins
2012 CITYNET 25th Anniversary
2013 CITYNET Secretariat Relocates to Seoul, South Korea